Fri 12th – Mon 15th October 2018


Tired of feeling embarressed by your home shot videos?
Wish your videos could really make your brand stand out?
Are you so over doing it yourself?

Video A
Brand Video

One of the most important videos to have, with a long shelf life.  Show your audience that you are the real deal, that you invest in yourself too.

Video B
Sales Video

Where are you making your money? What’s your business model?  It’s likely that you need a sales video of some type, or introduction to your offers.

Video C
YouTube Video

I believe that YouTube is one of the biggest missed opportunities for Personal Brand businesses today.  So the third video in this collection is the YouTube trailer.

BONUS 1 - worth £350

PHOTOGRAPHY SESSION ! Yes you will also have a session with personal brand photographer Juliana, so if your professional shots are starting to look tired and out of date this is a massive bonus!

BONUS 2 - worth £262

2 x 60 minute private sessions to help you create your home studio, and filming set up, feel happy filming yourself, and learn to edit those videos.

BONUS 3 - worth £350

FREE access to my sold out ‘6 weeks to launch your YouTube Show’ programme, so you can learn how to leverage using YouTube as part of your video strategy.


*PROFESSIONALLY SHOT and EDITED VIDEO A of your choice (recommended – branding video)

*PROFESSIONALLY SHOT and EDITED VIDEO B of your choice (recommended – sales video)

*PROFESSIONALLY SHOT and EDITED VIDEO C of your choice (recommended – youtube feature video)



Are you at that stage in your business where you are starting to feel let down by NOT having any professional video?

Do you want to take the hassle out of trying to do it yourself, or settling for an ‘almost’ professional video?

Are you rebranding or gearing up for a launch that is bringing new eyes on your content?

Do you want all the extras from a film shoot without the extras price tag?

Are you better focused away from your own environment and gain energy by being with others like you?


If you are not ready to invest in your brand.

If you are looking for a retreat to work on your mindset and have long lie-ins.

If you are not ready to focus and be in the moment.

If you are male, sorry women only this time over.



  • A 90 minute 121 session with me to discuss your whole of business video strategy – homework given.
  • Virtual group video call: Recap on video strategy & choosing your videos and discussing scripts.
  • Virtual group video call: With Stylist Consultant and Make up Artist.
  • Virtual group video call; Video Script reviews.


  • from 5pm
  • 6-7pm – Welcome and introductions
  • 7-8.30pm – Evening meal
  • 8.30-9.30pm – Lazy Lounging and chat about fears and business goals
  • Room selection between doubles and twins, range of en-suit, room selection on a first come first choice basis.

Prep day:

  • 9am – working breakfast Justina; how to hold yourself on camera, presentation skills etc.
  • 10-11.30am – rehearsal of ‘video A’ scripts to the group with group feedback and amends
  • 11.30am – refreshments are bought in and we work through.
  • 11.30-1pm – rehearsal of ‘video B’ and ‘video C’ scripts to group with group feedback and amends
  • 1-2pm – lunch and presention from Justina (subject TBC)
  • 2-3pm – practice your scripts x3 with autocue around in the house, on devices (devices pre set before retreat)
  • 3-4pm – show and tell – talk about how you found it, iron out any issues it throws up
  • 4-5pm – location location location – discuss where we are filming within the different aspects of the house and the next day’s timetable
  • 5-6pm – group filming and photography, fun with cameras and loving the lens
  • 7-8.80pm – evening meal
  • 8.30-9.30pm – Lazy lounging and talk about leveraging video in your business, ‘whole of business video strategies’.

Filming Day:

Guest timetables chosen on a first come first choice basis.

  • 7.30 pm –  Wrap party with debrief and reflection of the day’s events.

Departure Day:

  • 8-9am – breakfast and round up
  • 10am – leave the house

Post Retreat:

  • You receive your finally professionally shot videos x 3 and bonus behind the scenes shots and clips to generate some anticipation around your new videos.
  • You receive your brand photo shoot pack of high res images, to refresh and rejuvenate your branding.
  • Follow Up Virtual Group Video Call:  Are you implementing your videos? I will hold your hand through the process of using your videos to ensure you don’t trip on this last part of the process – publishing and promoting your new videos.


Hi, I’m Justina your host and Video Producer.

I have been working with celebrities and business owners since 1992.  My career started at the BBC during that time I worked with Barbara Windsor, Zoe Ball, Andy Peters, Mary Anne Hobbs and others.  I worked in programme development, idea generation and commissioning as well as programme making.

I now have a video production company making video for social media for global brands like Tate & Lyle, Activia and Maybelline.

But like you, I am also a personal brand facing many of the same challenges being on camera and being the face of your business.

My super power is making you feel and perform to your very best ability on camera, as well as ensuring that the content is spot on, engaging and meaningful.

Hi I’m Juliana, I’m a Personal Branding Photographer.

Using my gift and skills, I empower women through my lenses not only to show their beauty but their true selves. My goal in every session is to get a head-shot with a soul. To capture every women’s essence, passion and talent in an unique way. It’s my mission to help entrepreneur women to shine and to connect with their audience showing with confidence what they are capable of achieving.

I will be joining you at the retreat on Saturday and spending the rest of the time with you, getting to know you and talking with you about where we’ll take your shots on filming day.  I’ll also be giving you some tips on how to relax and feel yourself on camera.

Hi I’m Loulou,  I”m a Style Coach and I work with women to not just look good but feel incredible everyday.  Specialising in personal style, confidence coaching, wardrobe audits, image consultancy and personal shopping.

At the heart of my personal mission is giving women, like you, the confidence to truly shine in your everyday life.  I have a unique & personalised approach to style which encourages awareness of how to start using clothing as a tool to feel truly successful in your life.

I will join you in a pre retreat group call, to talk about choosing your outfits for the filming day.  If you want me to work with you on a 121 basis I would advice you speak to me as soon as you put your deposit down to ensure we can schedule you in before the big day.

You will need to create 3 different ‘looks’ on filming day, and I’ll help guide you on how to do that.

Hi I’m Sophie, I’ve been creating looks for women on camera for a few years now.

On film day myself and two colleagues will work to get you all looking amazing, make up and hair.  Then I’ll be with you the whole day touching up and helping you create your other looks.

Hi I’m Hannah, I’m an experienced video producer and cameraperson.

I will be with you for the whole weekend, filming behind the scenes on the prep day and I’ll be your ‘video C’ camera person.  I’m really gifted filming creative shots, perfect for us to capture those important cut away (b-roll) shots too.

Hannah has managed to avoid being in shot, this is the best I could find 😀

Hi I’m Andy,  Justina and I have been working together for a few years now, and together we will make you feel totally at ease, and I’ll create beautiful shots of you delivering your script to camera, we’ll find the right spot for you that works for your brand and your personality, so you’ll each have an individual looking video.

You’ll meet me for the first time on film day, but don’t worry we’ll be good friends in no time.

 yep this is Andy, always pulling a face 😀

Hi I’m Sophie,
You’ll often find me second camera on Justina’s shoots, Andy is actually my brother 😀 hahahah we all been working together for a few years.  I am also one of Justina’s editors, so I’ll also be making your videos look awesome in the edit!

I’ll be filming you for ‘Video B’, which I think may turn out to be your sales videos possibly. We’ll have autocue if you want to use that since these can be quite wordy videos and you need to get it just right.  Looking forward to working with you.  I’ll be arriving on Film day with Andy!

Here is Sophie and yep that’s Andy pulling another face 😀

Hi I’m Cate, I’m a professional cook, food economist and stylist, you can find me preparing food for filming, as well as food to look after the troops!

On the film retreats I’ll be making sure you don’t have to lift a finger.

When you arrive I’ll have a warming meal and desert ready, the kind that will be just as tasty whatever time you arrive.
I’ll be creating breakfasts, lunches, and dinners to delight and comfort you, as well as making sure you have all the snacks and refreshments you need to keep you going throughout the weekend.

These will be healthy and hearty all home cooked meals and snacks, you’ll be totally pampered and your particularly needs met, whatever dietary restrictions you might have.

Cate on set with me at a Tate & Lyle film shoot, Cate is the one in the apron 😀


If you were to pay for this yourself:

Studio Hire £1000
Video rehearse/workshop day £250
Producer/Director for Video ‘A’ £450
Cameraperson £450
Hair & Make Up £350
Video Editing £250
BONUS 1: Photography Session £350
BONUS 2: Private Video Strategy Sessions x2 £262
BONUS 3: YouTube Programme £350

TOTAL:  £3,712


Full luxury accommodation
Full luxury catering
Unlimited email access for script and messaging support
Unlimited email access for 2 weeks after during video implementation
Style Advice With Loulou Storey before the retreat
Gift Bag


= TOTAL VALUE £4,907














To ensure all 6 guests are a good match to share the retreat experience this is strictly an application only process.

Please email me a little about yourself and we’ll take it from there.

Since there are first come first served items on room selection and filming day schedule selection I will ensure that I schedule calls in the order the enquiries are received.

Looking forward to chatting with you.


6 + 15 =


Escape from the office, escape from your regular life and enjoy being pampered and looked after at this beautiful, elegant and first class location.

ready to up-level your video?


To ensure all 6 guests are a good match to share the retreat experience this is strictly an application only process.

Please email me a little about yourself and we’ll take it from there.

Since there are first come first served items on room selection and filming day schedule selection I will ensure that I schedule calls in the order the enquiries are received.

Looking forward to chatting with you.


14 + 9 =

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