I call these collections because these days even one video needs a few versions.  I specialise  in squeezing every drop of value out of the filming day you invest in, which is why I call these video collections.  Here are some examples:


We filmed one day of Vanessa’s workshop and squeezed in a bunch of other videos too.  She ended up with the entire day of the workshop filmed, with portions extracted as stand alone trainings, plus 4 compilation testimonial videos, a branding item, a case study, a promo for the workshop and a behind the scenes.


Salma now has about 23 videos from 2 days filming.  We then created about x3 of each video to leverage different social media.  Her videos are now on a quarterly pattern producing a weekly YouTube show.  We also created a personalised bumper, YouTube end plates, YouTube artwork and thumbnails.


We kicked off Rosemary’s YouTube show with four professional videos.  An animated sting, the YouTube trailer, episode 1 and episode 2, we also created some shorter promos in the lead up to the launch.  Then I worked with Rosemary to help her get started with self filming and editing.


This collection was for both website and fund raising purposes.  We created  several versions of the fund raising video for different crowd funding platforms, we also created 3 versions for website and social promotion.


If you are interested in regular quarterly video and YouTube support I work with a maximum of 8 female entrepreneurs per year, the commitment is for a year once the first shoot has completed.

I do one off shoots as they arise, the lead time ideally is about 6 weeks.

The cost varies depending on your requirements, to give you an idea they usually range between £2000-3000 for a one off shoot and edit, with regular quarterly video/youtube partnerships from £500 per month.

If this sounds of interest to you, then email me today, on the form below, or direct at

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