Unlocking your dreams starts here!  Perfect for coaches, creatives and wellness personal brands who want to master video in their business, get to work with me as part of a community of likeminded women.

Get my framework for successful video creation, strategies and implementation without the high price tag of professional filming or one to one consulting.

Whatever your budget there is a course to help you crack the video code.


Join other likeminded women


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Outsource your video editing AND have a collection of promotional material.
Currently in pilot phase – please email your interest to :


The perfect solution if you need professional video but without the big investment.  Share your filming day and spread the cost. Email me if you want to register your interest:


Many online entrepreneurs reach a level of success where they want to weave in high quality professional video production.

When working with entrepreneurs at this level it’s important to have a ‘whole of business’ video strategy, and to care about the outcome and that’s what I specialise in.  I get to know you, your brand and your audience so that I can truly add value beyond a professional video,

I craft a highly choreography day/s where we capture a collection of video content, then in the edit, we repurpose this further creating spin offs, clips, out-takes, behind the scenes, gifs, versions that work for each platform or position and more depending on the package that works for you.

Over the years I’ve had the privilege to have worked with some of the UK’s best known entrepreneurs; Suzy Ashworth, Lisa Johnson, Bushra Azhar, Gemma Went, Laura Phillips, Julie Creffield, Jacqueline Rogers and hundreds of other service and product based businesses.


Ready to outsource your editing, get a more professional finish and save yourself time?

Tell us what your requirements are and we’ll create a bespoke quote for you.

You film and we’ll work magic on it, adding motion graphics, incorporating a brand asset pack, adding boxed out info, colour grading and creating square versions, subtitles, shorter cuts etc.  Whatever your requirements are.  We can even upload directly onto your youtube channel if you wish.

£45 per hour or £250 per 8 hour day, volume of work in this time ranges from one video per hour to one video per 4 hours, depending on sophistication and complexity.


A great way to massively improve the professional look of your video output is to use a collection of brand assets:

  • Bumper
  • Transition
  • Segment title
  • Lower Third

£120 for this package.  Send us your website and brand look and we’ll show you our suggestions.  Send us your logo, images, fonts and colour codes and we’ll do the rest.


Animation is a fantastic way to communicate a message, it’s particularly good for SAAS businesses or when you have system or process you want to explain (aka the ‘explainer’ video)  If this is something you have been thinking about then fill out the form and we’ll let you know how we can help.

Please keep in mind that animation can take far longer then you think to create.  Typically minimum of 6 weeks, costs from from £150-£2.5k per minute.


In person or online, speaking engagements and guest training, podcast guesting, workshop training.

My in person workshop fee is £400 per hour.  Other fees are on application.

I have presented workshops in social video and YouTube to Nickelodean TV, Comedy Central, MTV, Channel 4 and Paramount TV.

Topics; YouTube for Personal Brand Business, Social Video, Food Trends in Video, Women in Business, Zero to VAT Business Journey, Life as a Mum, Wife and Business Owner.



Food is on social media EVERYWHERE, it’s one of the fastest growing niches in video content.

I love a good recipe video and I have the joy of producing and filming lots of them.  My production company specialises in producing video content for food brands.  I’ve worked on videos for Tate & Lyle, Activia, Pipkin, McCambridge Bread and more.

Complete end to end production services, or just one element, I will manipulate our services to meet your needs.  Please fill out the linked enquiry form or visit our Food Video Production Company website;

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