Over my 15 years working at the BBC I worked in positions spanning the whole programme making process from idea concept through to broadcast.  Along the way I learnt a great many lessons. But there are 3 lessons that are particularly relevant to business owners today.

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How To Get Started On Video?

I'd love you to hop over to my YOUTUBE channel and if you like the content please subscribe, comment and share! One of the most common questions I am ask is how to get started using video effectively. Many business owners are already using...

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12 Tips To Be Comfortable On Camera

Marie Forleo is an entrepreneur that I highly admire, she was  involved in the performing arts before she started her business, so even in the early days she had great camera presence.  But you don't have to be trained to still be amazing on camera. Hop...

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How To Create Your Unique YouTube URL

If you found this useful, I'd be very grateful if you gave a thumbs up and if you like my 'stuff' please subscribe so you don't miss new uploads. Your URL is looking a bit ugly, er, BUT it's not that hard to change. Before you can customize your URL, there...

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