“While my career was in television production I found my path to entrepreneurship through a period as a PR Executive… before that, I had no idea people did this!”

After years behind the camera I’m now joining you in front of the camera, facing my fears and unlocking my dreams.

It was 1992 when I confidently strode into television centre in White City wearing my favourite pillar box red suit from Principles, long straight wrap around skirt and short tailored jacket, tanned, slim, and as cocky as a dog with a bone.  Two hours earlier I had just rolled off a flight returning from Ibiza to find my Dad waiting for me at the airport, I’d not lived at home for a while, but there he was…  “come on honey you’ve got an interview this afternoon at the BBC, I’ve got your suit in the car”.

In those days I had a habit of rocking into a tourist shop and taking the cheapest package flight leaving the next day, working as a secretarial temp gave me that freedom.   Anyway, a few months before that interview I had returned from an 18 month backpacking trip, yes I was one of the pioneer backpackers.  I spend a week at my local library reading through a book of careers, the book was massive, it took up the whole of the desk where I had made home for that week.

The book must have been as thick as my fist.

I had secretarial skills and a ton of ambition.  ‘Television Production Assistant’ the words jumped off the page, the skill set matched my strengths, I had found my career, I decided right then that job would open up my world. I typed up my CV and photocopied it 100 times.  I found a book of all the UK productions companies and I wrote to each of them enclosing my CV.  One of them was the BBC.

I had only one reply, the BBC inviting me to apply for a secretarial position, the acceptance to attend the interview arrived while I was on holiday.  The rest, as they say, is history.

I worked my way up and loved it all, stepping into the lift with Moyra Stewart, passing Kate Adie in the corridors, they were my idols of the time.  Opportunity eventually took me to Documentaries and Contemporary Factual, my first job was part of a very small team and together we launched the BBC’s first digital channel ‘BBC 3’, that was one of many extraordinary roles and experiences.

Fast forward about 25 years; 3 children, 2 dogs, a wonderful partner, and a 4 year thriving Video Production Company of my own specialising in filming food ,creating video content for Tate & Lyle, Activia, Actimel and other household names, and a PERSONAL BRAND business supporting entrepreneurs in the online world.

Now more than ever before using video in your business is essential, the rewards that come from effectively using video will UNLOCK YOUR DREAMS.  Follow me as I put into practice all I know in my own personal brand.

I can’t wait to start working with you.

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