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Stunning Locations
Accessible Costs

want high end video without the high end price tag?

FILM CLUB is perfect for you.  

Have your key videos filmed with professional polish AND in a stunning location so you don’t have to worry that your home or office isn’t showing the glamour of your brand.  

Enjoy the full pro-video treatment at a fraction of the cost.

Hi! I’m Justina,

I work with some of the UK’s leading business coaches, product brands and corporates.  Helping them communicate their message through video.  

My video marketing and strategy expertise ensures you have powerful purposeful results focused videos, and I make sure you shine on camera too.


  • Are you a corporate facing consultant?
  • Are you a coach, therapist or business leader?
  • Do you want to attract higher ticket clients?
  • Is your brand sophisticated and premium?
  • Is your business is growing?
  • Are you feeling let down with your currently videos?
  • Do you want to sprinkle some high end videos in your business?
  • Would you love to film in a premium location?
  • Are you putting off having videos up front and centre?
  • Is the investment for what you want too much?
  • Would you love the pro-polish without the pro-price?
  • Do you wish your home or office reflected the polish of your brand?

If you have answered YES then you are the perfect fit for this premium service.

FILM CLUB is a small, intimate club of business leaders who want to reflect their professionalism with high end video.

Look like the 6 or 7 figure business you are or want to become !

Look like the 6 or 7 figure business you are or want to become !



It’s important to me that we are making videos that are the best fit for your business.  For me to do this with integrity we need to have a video strategy call just you and me.  

Together we will look ahead at your business goals for the coming year, what you have planned to launch, what videos you already have and we will create an action plan and priority plan so that your time on camera is 100% ROI based.


We kick off the pre-production stage with a group consultation (max 6 people) we discuss which key videos should be your first to shoot, and also which should be your second.  

It’s important that we create a video strategy for you that is in alignment with your business goals and schedule.   (there is also the option to have a 121 call with me instead or as well as)



Once we know which key videos we will be filming I’ll give you my script templates and structures to work from should you need them.

When we get together again we will rehearse your scripts in your group, to get mine and others feedback.  In between if you are struggling then I am here to hold your hand through the process.


Lights, camera, action!

Come filming day we are totally prepared and rehearsed to make massive impact in your allotted time on camera.  We have 90mins together, with me directing and producing you on camera with access to the autocue if you want it.

I ensure that your delivery is the best of your ability and your message is delivered in an engaging way.


On location you have a further 90mins with the B camera, this is where you go to another area of the location or multiple areas, and either film B-roll (those video clips of you doing things and not talking) or you can opt to do further talking to camera videos, but this would be without direction or autocue.  

During the consultation we discuss the best use of this time so that it compliments the key videos you are filming AND the video work you perhaps already have in your video library.


I hand select premium film locations that work for each member, these would otherwise cost you £1500-2000 to hire for a day.

What impression of your business do you want your audience to have?  If your home, office, or someone you know doesn’t work then this club will give you that and so much more.


In pre-production I will talk to you about this because it’s one that is often close to the heart of us all.  

There are do’s and don’ts, I will give you a print out to ensure you are fully prepared. 

If you want an on-site make up girl we can discuss doing that and you sharing the cost with the others on the shoot, but it’s not included in the cost because not everyone wants this.


We produce a collection pack for each video.  This will include any relevant reversions, this will vary depending on what your key videos are.  These could include things like;  vertical and square versions, with and without subtitle versions, promo clips, banners etc. 


When we get into the edit after your first shoot, we will create an edit style guide for you so that all your videos keep on brand throughout your time in the club.  It could be the first time you are considering this, and that’s normal, by the end of editing your videos we will have your style worked out.


You need never get ‘stuck’ with video again, should anything crop up that you just need someone ‘in the know’ to give you a hand or tell you ‘how’ we are here for you.


I keep my finger on the video pulse so that I know the video marketing trends and viewer behaviour trends too, this means that when we are looking at your video strategy for the year as well as your individual video planning and execution you can feel confident that it’s totally relevant.


Key videos are all your strategically placed videos that are NOT weekly content videos.  

In your slot on camera we can film any videos you want, however, it’s my recommendation you choose from the key videos.

Key videos need to be kept current, their cycle of renewal ranges from 6-24 months.

Website Home Page Video
Origin Story Video / About Video
YouTube Trailer / Feature Video
Sales Video
Launch Trigger Promo
Lead Magnet Video Series
Course Welcome Video
Sales Funnel Touch Point Videos


On joining we will have a private Video Strategy Call, this will be repeated annually.

You have year long access to me and my team in an advisory capacity for strategy and technical support.

As filming dates and locations are arranged everyone gets notified and you book your slots.  

There is some consultation on dates and locations within the club members particularly in the early stages when there are fewer members of the club.

Once the 6 members for a particular shoot are confirmed we start the pre-production work 2 weeks before the shoot, and then 2 weeks after you will have your final videos.

We will reach our club capacity at 36 members when a wait list will be implemented.  


Elevate your status with videos that scream sophistication and quality

Elevate your status with videos that scream sophistication and quality

I take time to carefully select the best locations to suit the FILM CLUB members, choosing versatile locations where there are several different ‘looks’ and all stunning.  

We move and strategically stage the setting for each video.  

There is some consultation when we are picking locations and then we discuss which parts of the location would be best for who, and how your set can be arranged.  Our locations are full of props, nooks, and different looks so we can arrange something special and on brand for you.

what’s the investment?

£130 +vat pm

Renewable annually

Will my video look cookie cutter?

Absolutely not.  In fact, that was part of the reason I wanted to create this service, because I saw too many similar services where the backgrounds were the same, or they are shot on green screen, which in my view is not the best looking video you can have.

I personally choose locations along with my location finding services which have variety.  They often have 2 or 3 sitting rooms, as well as lobbies, balconies, exteriors, dramatic entrances.  Not only this but within each space I look for shot angles and props that allow for a different look for each person.

We don’t stick to the same location for all shoots either, so there is plenty of opportunity to ensure your video is as unique as you.

What if I can't make the dates?

Through the year there will be a selection of dates to choose from that are in advance enough so that you will be able to plan around them.

As much as possible every effort is made to ensure the dates work for you.  As the service grows there will end up being 12 days spread through the year to choose from.

I don't know what video I should have?

That’s no problem at all, I’m a video marketer and strategist too, so I can look at your business with you, and advice you on what should be your first priority.

As you stay in the club you’ll get all your key videos created and then you’ll be in a place where you can plan videos around your campaigns.

Where will the locations be?

The locations will mainly be either London or Central England to make it as easy as possible for everyone, because I will be selecting locations based on everyone needs I will be as accommodating as possible.

There will also be a degree of consultation on choosing locations.

Will the location work for my branding?

As part of our initial call, I will discuss your branding with you and my job is to make sure we have suitable locations that fit your brand.

How much time will I get on camera?

In total you will have 3 hours, that is split into two parts.

One half is with me on camera ‘A’ this will have the autocue for those who want it, and me directing you and working with you to give your best performance on camera.

The other half is with camera ‘B’ this isn’t directed by me but the cameraperson will work with you, this part of the shoot is to capture b-roll.  B-roll are the video images of you doing things, rather than talking to camera.  Often this is you on your laptop, or walking along a path, perhaps reading a book, or taking a client call, or holding a zoom meeting, making a cuppa tea etc… we will plan what your shots should be before the day to ensure they are aligned with your brand and your video and business needs.

Whenever you work with a professional crew you want to maximise your investment, so being totally planned and rehearsed is how you do that.  This is no different we spend time together before shoot day so that come time to record all you have to think about is relaxing and enjoying the experience.

Can you explain the pricing more?

Of course.

Your investment is £130 + vat per month over a rolling 6 month renewable term.

What does ‘rolling’ mean?  Every 6 months of payments you’ve paid for one shoot day, rolling means the payments will continue at the end of 6 months and assumes you are continuing the service. Giving you access to 2 annual shoots on a rolling basis.

Remember these venues are premium quality, you get all the strategic planning and preparation, on screen direction and highly polished professionally edited videos, with extras like behind the scenes pics and promo clips.

This really is like nothing else out there, the venues alone would cost between £1500-£2000 per day to hire yourself.

Will there be a make up girl?

I have thought long and hard about having make up and hair on site, and I have decided not to include this in the price.

The reason is because in my experience not everyone wants hair and make up, and it would be unfair for me to up the cost to include this and for those who don’t want it to have to foot part of that bill.

However, if you want hair and make up on site then it would be good to group up with anyone else on the same day as you who does so that we can get someone on site and you can share that cost.

Would I be able to afford a full day filming for about this cost?

Filming is scaleable, you can film on your phone, you can get your mates brother in uni at film school to bring his camera around and shoot some 4K footage of you… you could find a camera guy who is in your budget…

What none of these will give you is the valuable pre production strategy and planning with my experience of producing marketable results driven video this is worth hundreds on it’s own.

What none of these will give you is a location that would otherwise cost between £1500 – £2000 per day to hire.

Plus you get to do this in the comradely of a small group, where you can bounce ideas and get feedback not only from me but from others too.

There really is NOTHING like this out there and this really is AMAZING VALUE for the money you are investing.

What if I need to cancel?

Once you sign up should you cancel before your first shoot any payments already made are un-refundable.

In effect every 6 months pays for one shoot, once you enter a term you are committed to that 6 months of payment regardless.  

However, you are able to defer your shoot day to book a shoot after your payments have stopped and in effect ‘bank’ a shoot slot within a year.  You can also transfer your shoot to a business buddy, just for that one or permanently if they are willing.

At the end of the day I’m here to help you and if you are struggling let’s have a conversation first and work out the best exit plan or other solution for you.

I don't know anything about Autocue

That’s no problem.

We will plan for you to use it, unless you are experienced enough to know 100% you don’t need it, but even then I’ll still insist that we have it as back up.  Better to have it and not use it than need it and not have it.

There will be some autocue home practice I will set you up with before shoot day so that you feel more prepared and understand more about it.  

Can I pay in full or parts?


You can pay in full, quarterly or 6 monthly or monthly, which looks like this:

Full: £1560 +vat
6 monthly: £780 +vat
quarterly: £390 +vat
monthly: £130 +vat

Can I book a day with my business besties?


For as long as there are 6 of you then you can block book a day together.  These venues are large enough so you can all spend the day together supporting each other as you each take your moment in the spotlight.

Why not turn it into a weekend?  Chat with me and we can find a location which accommodates or have nearby accommodation and as a bonus I’ll make myself available the day before to give additional training if that fits into your plans.

Be the leader others need you to be to help them on their journey

Be the leader others need you to be to help them on their journey

Lights Camera Action

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